National Motorway Awareness Course (NMAC)

To attend this course, you must have received a letter from the police.

This course is aimed at drivers who have been caught committing an offence on smart motorways (a section of motorway that uses active traffic management techniques to actively manage the flow of traffic).

The National Motorway Speed Awareness Course is a 2 hour and 45 minute course (with a 10 minute break) which teaches attendees to:

  • have more knowledge about smart motorways, including their benefits and how it works
  • understand the various signs they see on smart motorways
  • explore the potential consequences to them and others if they speed or drive in closed lanes
  • comply with speed limits and lane closures
  • see the difference speeding makes if they need to stop suddenly
  • view various situations that make it difficult for people to comply with motorway rules.

Once completed, attendees leave with an action plan about how they will comply with motorway rules in the future.

We will continue to deliver a majority of these courses online using the digital platform Zoom. However, if you do not have any access to the internet, and you are able to attend a course after September 2021 (the date will be shown on your police offer letter) we may be able to offer you a physical course at a venue. These courses will be very limited and will be solely based on client demand. Please email and provide:

  • your full name
  • contact number
  • course type (NSAC, NMAC,WDU,SCD)
  • the date you MUST complete your course by.

We will contact you directly to discuss if we are able to book you onto a course at either Maidstone or Ashford.

Course restrictions

You can attend only one National Motorway Speed Awareness course in 3 years. Any further offending will be dealt with by prosecution.

For further information or to take this course outside of Kent, visit the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme website.

Before booking your course

Before booking your course you must

For information about how we use and share your personal information for the purpose of booking a driver education course, read our privacy statement.

Before attending the National Motorway Awareness Course (NMAC) you must read the medical fitness advice from GOV.UK. Make sure the DVLA are kept up to date.

Cost of the course

The course costs £92. This is non-refundable.

When booking your course please make sure you have the means to pay. You may book online and pay by debit or credit card.

Book your course

To book your course in Kent, you will need to register on the NDORS website and choose Kent County Council as your course provider. Once registered, you will be taken through the rest of the booking process. To do this you will need your:

  • offer letter from the police – which includes the reference number and PIN
  • driver's licence number
  • credit/ debit card to pay for your course

Register with NDORS

Change your booking

If you'd like to change an existing course booking, you must have your:

  • driver's licence number
  • booking reference number starting KDE
  • credit/ debit card where payment is required.

If you do not know your licence number, you can check it through GOV.UK's licence detail viewing service.

14 or more days before your course

If you require subtitles to be added to the course presentation, request this by emailing

7 or more days before your course

If you booked online and need to change your booking, you can do so up to 7 days before the date of the original course free of charge (based on the availability of course spaces).

3 to 6 days before your course

If you need to rebook your course between 3 and 6 days prior to your course date, you will incur a lost course place fee.

2 days before your course

If we assisted you with your booking or you need to change your course up to 2 days before your course, you will need to call us on 03000 41 15 54. You will incur a charge of £43.

Only in exceptional circumstances will this fee be waived, and we must receive documentary evidence as shown in the terms and conditions (PDF, 187.8 KB) that you agreed to when booking the course.

Change your booking

Before attending

Before attending the online course you must:

  • make sure that you are able to use Zoom by downloading the Zoom app from a web browser
  • review the video sent to you in your documentation as this now also includes a section on troubleshooting
  • prepare yourself for the course by holding a test meeting with another person or call our team who can arrange this for you.

Failure to follow this process may result in not being able to attend the course on the day and may also require a rebooking fee, if there is availability on alternative course dates.

Watch our getting ready for online road safety course video for further advice and guidance.

Please refer to the terms and conditions (PDF, 187.8 KB) that you agreed to when booking the course.

Attending your course

Before attending the course, you will be sent the meeting ID, passcode and link for the course. This email will be sent to you 48 hours in advance of your course.

If you have not received your email please check your spam or junk folders. If you still cannot find the email you must contact us on the last working day prior to your course. You can email or call 03000 41 15 54.

When attending the online course you must:

  • make sure that you are in a quiet room, where you will not be interrupted
  • not be in a moving vehicle, you will not be permitted to participate if you are
  • have a fully charged electronic device with an inbuilt camera and speakers or a device with a webcam and speakers
  • have a stable internet connection for the course duration. If you require any assistance to set up your course, they must leave when the course starts
  • have paper and pen ready to make notes during the course.

If you fail to log on in time, or are late back from your break this will result in no admittance to the course.

ID requirements for courses

It is a condition of the course that you have photo identification on arrival at your course (whether physical classroom or virtual/online).

Photographic evidence accepted includes:

  • valid photocard driving licence (an expired photocard does not invalidate the licence)
  • valid passport.

Any identification produced that does not contain photo identity of the client or interpreter (for example utility bills, birth or marriage certificates) will not be accepted and the client will be referred back to the Kent Driver Education Team.

Photocopies or photos on mobile phones/devices are not acceptable forms of ID – an original document must be available to be inspected at the course registration. Further details and other forms of acceptable photo ID visit the UKROEd website.