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You won't be able to find, renew or reserve library items from 8pm on 21 November 2017 until the morning on 23 November. This is so that we can upgrade the library management system. If your item is due back during this time, we have automatically extended this to 24 November.

Use the online catalogue to find and reserve library books, DVDs, CDs and other items.

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You can also reserve items:

We will contact you when your item is ready for collection and will give you 7 days to collect it. If you don't collect it within 7 days it will be returned to the shelves for other people to borrow.

If your local library doesn't have what you're looking for, you can order it from a different library.

Charges for reserving an item

  • No charge if we get the item from a Kent library.
  • £3 if we get the item from a SELMS partner library.
  • £4 if we get the item from other libraries.
  • Exempt card holders - no charge unless we have to get the item from outside Kent.

You still have to pay the reservation charge even if we cannot get the item for you.