Budget 2016/17

Each year we set a budget to determine how much we will spend on services for Kent residents and businesses.

Funding for our budget comes from many sources in addition to Council Tax. In recent years the amount of money available from Government has been decreasing while demands for council services have been increasing. We expect this trend to continue in the coming years.

We prioritise the resources we have to make sure that children and young people get the best start in life, that communities can thrive, and that we support our vulnerable residents to live independently. To help us make decisions about the budget we ran a budget consultation.

Our net expenditure for 2016/17 is £1.8 billion. Net expenditure is the total amount we spend (after taking account of ‘external income’, such as contributions from health/other local authorities or money paid for services by individual members of the public)

Our budget is split into 3 areas:

  • direct services to the public - £1.6 billion
  • financing items - £125 million
  • management, support services and overheads - £93 million

For a full breakdown of our budget:

Budget documents