Council Tax

Council Tax helps pay for local services, and applies to all domestic properties whether owned or rented. How much you pay depends on the valuation band of your property and the responsibility to pay Council Tax usually lies with the occupier.

Each organisation that provides services in your area sets their own proportion of the Council Tax bill you receive. These are:

  • Kent County Council
  • your district council
  • your parish council (if you have one)
  • Kent Police
  • Kent Fire and Rescue Service

Read a full guide to Council Tax on GOV.UK.

You pay Council Tax directly to your district council and will receive your bill from them.

Pay your Council Tax

On 20 February 2018 we approved a 4.99% Council Tax increase to help balance the 2018/19 budget. This equates to approximately £1.13 extra per week for a band D household.

The 4.99% is made up of 2 parts:

  • 2.99% general increase, which is below the 3% threshold which would require us to hold a referendum
  • a further 2% for the 'adult social care precept'. This is the additional money councils raise from Council Tax in order to help pay for adult social care services. This amount can only be used as part of a council’s adult social care budget.

These amounts show how much of the Council Tax you pay we receive:

BandTotal 2017/18 chargeIncrease less than the 3% referendum limitAdditional 2% Adult Social Care levyTotal charge for 2018/19

Understanding your bill

The table below provides information on each line in your Council Tax bill and explains how your bill has changed from last year.

Typical Council Tax bill breakdown % increase on 2017/18 Council Tax bill Amount for band C
Kent County Council 2.99% £1,039.68 (The share of Council Tax that Kent County Council will receive in 2018/19. This amount does not include the 2% increase for adult social care funding from 2016/17 and 2017/18).
Kent County Council
(for Adult Social Care funding)
2.0% (Kent County Council’s share of Council Tax will increase by 4.99% in 2018/19, which is this amount and the amount above) £60.48 (This is the 2% increase for adult social care funding for 2018/19 added to the 2% increase for adult social care funding from 2016/17 and 2017/18. The Government requires all local authorities to show the adult social care funding increase in this way on Council Tax bills.)
Kent Police and Crime Commissioner 7.63% (up to £12 for band D property) £150.36
Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue 2.9% £67.12
District or Borough Council These amounts will vary depending on which district council you pay your council tax to.
Parish Council

How your Council Tax is spent

The table below shows a breakdown of how we spend the Council Tax for a band C property on our main council services:

ServiceBand C%
Adults and Older People£433.0939.37%
Children's Services£184.9216.81%
Community Services£16.811.53%
Schools' Services£12.71.15%
Transport Services£80.087.28%
Waste Management£83.277.57%
Other Direct Services to the public£23.352.12%
Financing items£135.9712.36%
Management support and overheads£90.198.20%

Our budget shows how we spend our funding for 2018/19.

By other Kent organisations

Find out how Council Tax is spent by:

We pay a levy to the Environment Agency Southern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee of £399,258 (compared to £378,416 in 2017/18).

2017 to 2018 saw a 2% increase from the previous year for the total charge of adult social care. With a general increase not exceeding the 2% referendum limit.

These amounts show how much of the Council Tax you paid we received:

BandTotal 2016/17 chargeIncrease less than the 2% referendum limitAdditional 2% Adult Social Care levyTotal charge for year 2017/18

These amounts show how much of the Council Tax you paid we received:

BandStandard charge (before Adult Social Care levy)Additional 2% Adult Social Care levyTotal charge for the year 2016/17