Tips for keeping warm this winter video transcript

Shot of elderly man walking into his living room. Graphic says ‘Keep warm in cold weather’

Male voiceover: There are lots of simple ways you can keep yourself warm during a cold snap.

Shot of man making a cup of tea. Graphics says ‘Remember to have hot drinks, tea or coffee, or hot soup’

Voiceover: Having hot drinks like tea or coffee or hot soup will warm you up from the inside.

Voiceover: Don't forget to have a hot meal.

Shot of man closing the curtains. Graphic says ‘Keep one room at 18c to 21c’

Voiceover: If you can, keep at least one room warm between 18 and 21 degrees.

Shot of man closing the door. Followed by shot of sitting and turning on a small heater. Graphics says ‘Close curtains and doors’

Voiceover: Closing the doors and curtains will help trap heat in, especially if you use a local heater.

Shot of man sitting and putting a blanket over his knees. Graphics says ‘Put a blanket over your knees’

Voiceover: Or you could just try putting a blanket over your knees.

Shot of man closing the door. Graphic says ‘Avoid going out when it’s icy’

Voiceover: If you can avoid going out when it's icy, then do so.

Shot of man in kitchen. Graphics says ‘Plan ahead with prescriptions. Can food be delivered?’

Voiceover: Think about getting prescriptions and food for a couple of days, and if someone can help you with that.

Shot of man putting on coat. Shot of shoes. Shot of man going out the front door. Graphic says ‘If you have to go outside… wear plenty of layers…and wear non slip shoes’.

Shot of man going upstairs. Graphic says ‘light exercise, going up stairs’

Voiceover: If you have to go out and wear plenty of layers and grippy shoes to avoid slipping over and keep mobile, something as simple as moving around the house or going upstairs will get the blood pumping.

Graphic of ‘, Stay safe this winter’

Voiceover: Protect yourself this winter.