How plastic is recycled in Kent video transcript

How do Viridor give plastics new life?

  1. The baled plastics arrive at our facilities
  2. The bales are then separated
  3. A trommel and ballistic separation help remove materials that are not bottles
  4. We do a metal separation with magnets
  5. And finally a type and colour separation
  6. Ensuring clear plastics and mixed colour plastics go their separate ways
  7. Plastics are granulated then separated
  8. We clean and dry both types and they go through a separate packing process
  9. And quality test clear plastics by sampling flakes
  10. We then test the mixed colour plastics by sampling the pellets produced
  11. The end product then heads of to be remanufactured.

We are a member of Operation Clean Sweep, meaning we are committed to ensuring none of the plastics we process end up in our rivers or seas.

Viridor, lifting the lid on your waste and recycling.