Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse. Children or young people can be in relationships where they are showered with gifts, money or affection in return for performing sexual activities or other people performing sexual activities on them. Victims may believe that they are in a loving and consenting relationship and often trust their abuser without understanding that they are being abused. They may depend on their abuser or be too scared to tell anyone what's happening.

What to do if you are worried

If you are worried about yourself or someone you know:

  • call 101 and quote ‘Operation Willow’, or
  • call the Say Something helpline anonymously on 116 000.

Operation Willow

Operation Willow is the Kent and Medway awareness raising campaign around CSE. Operation Willow:

  • targets public locations such as hotels, pubs and taxi firms in an appeal for information on suspicious activities that may be linked to CSE
  • reaches out to victims of CSE and their friends and family, asking for help to end CSE.