Thanet Parkway Railway Station

Kent County Council is continuing to promote the building of a new ‘parkway’ railway station in Thanet, located on the Ashford International to Ramsgate line, and just to the west of the village of Cliffsend.

Thanet Parkway will increase rail connectivity between East Kent, London and the wider Kent area by providing access to mainline and high speed services.

The project will provide access to more employment opportunities for local residents. It will also improve investment opportunities at Discovery Park Enterprise Zone and surrounding business parks in Thanet.

The station is designed to be unstaffed with two platforms and a variety of facilities, including ticket vending machines and passenger help and information points providing remote assistance.

Road access is currently proposed from the A299 Hengist Way with additional pedestrian and cycle access via Cliffsend village. A 300 space car park is included within the proposal, along with a forecourt with bus stops, drop-off and pick-up zones, a dedicated taxi area, electric car charging points and an area for cycle storage.

Consultation response

In 2015 we ran a consultation on the initial design for the new station. Your feedback helped to inform the outline design.

We ran a second consultation from January to March 2017 to ask for your feedback about the proposed facilities at the station. There was general agreement with the proposals. However, some concerns were raised about:

  • road access
  • pedestrian/cycle link to Cliffsend village
  • the potential for commuter parking in residential areas
  • safety due to the station being unstaffed.

We will use this feedback to revise our proposals and to prepare the planning application.

Read the full consultation results report.

Formal approval for the scheme

KCC approval - 4 August 2014


View the latest updates of the Thanet Parkway Railway Station scheme:

Planning application

We have submitted a revised planning application for the scheme, accounting for design changes to the station, car park and access. Following the validation of the planning application, a consultation period of 28 days will begin. This is the opportunity for residents and businesses to provide comments or feedback on the scheme. The consultation is expected to open in December 2019.

For more information about the planning application visit the Kent Planning Applications website and search Thanet Parkway.

If you have any queries please contact email