Improving Kent's electric vehicle infrastructure

We're working with Kent's district councils to improve the electric charging network across the county, and to drive the adoption of electric vehicles by residents, businesses and public transport providers.

Installing more chargers around Kent

Working with district councils

We're leading a project with Connected Kerb and 7 district councils to place over 600 public chargers points around Kent.

Our efforts are focused on off-street charging hubs, with chargers grouped together in car parks, making them easy for people to find.

Updates on our charging rollout from Connected Kerb.

Working with parish councils

We are also working with parish councils, town councils, village halls and community hubs to install chargers in smaller communities around Kent.

We have installed at 26 locations to date and are in the process of adding another 18 across the county.

Supporting public transport

Effective public transport contributes to our climate goals by removing cars from the road. But to go further, we're working with partners to lead the shift away from fossil fuels, and toward cleaner vehicles.

We're installing 14 rapid chargers, spread over 6 districts, specifically for use by taxis and private-hire vehicles.

We're also working with bus service providers to increase the number of electric buses on the road. Our projects have seen trials for an:

  • 'opportunity charged' electric bus in Greenhithe, Bluewater and Dartford
  • overnight-charged electric bus trial servicing Canterbury Park and Ride and some Maidstone routes
  • award winning electric minibus pilot in our Kent Karrier service.

Keeping our own vehicles green

We already have 36 hybrid vans in use in our fleet and by 2030, our fleet will be 100% electric.

We're installing chargers at our own offices for staff to use, as well as members of the public.