Vision Zero Road Safety Strategy

There are on average just over 45 deaths on Kent’s roads each year. Kent County Council (KCC) is setting the target of zero, or as close as possible, fatalities and life changing injuries by 2050 with a 50% reduction by 2030 and a target of no more than 39 traffic fatalities by 2026. Vision Zero is not just about focussing on the date we achieve zero, but the recognition that deaths on the road are not an acceptable price to pay for mobility.

We will follow the Safe System Approach which understands that people make mistakes and aims to ensure these mistakes do not cause a death or a life-changing injury. The Safe System Approach consists of:

  • safe roads and streets
  • safe speed
  • safe behaviour
  • safe vehicles
  • post collision response.

Community engagement is at the heart of this strategy; if Vision Zero is to succeed it will depend on Kent’s public sharing KCC’s ambition. Community CIRCLE is our approach to help achieve Vision Zero in Kent and it includes:

  • community concern
  • injury reduction
  • research and pilot
  • common responsibility
  • localised campaigns
  • engagement.

The strategy was developed through internal and external workshops with county council members, key stakeholders, interest groups, road safety and transportation professionals. The strategy was subjected to a full consultation and further workshops with stakeholders, local councillors and internal KCC employees.

Read about our consultation on the Vision Zero strategy.

The strategy contains action plans which will be developed and updated with further delivery plans as the strategy progresses.