Sutton Road junction with Willington Street

This scheme proposes widening the A274 Sutton Road around the Willington Street and Wallis Avenues junctions in Maidstone. The junction gets congested, which will get worse with further developments. The improvements are needed to improve journey times and reduce congestion at peak times. However the proposal will only provide modest improvements to the capacity of the junction.

Changes to the Sutton Road junction with Willington Street were consulted on as part of the Keep Maidstone Moving schemes, designed to reduce congestion, travel times and pollution in Maidstone.

The proposals include:

  • travelling from Willington Street to Sutton Road, the lanes would divide in 2 further back
  • dedicated turning lanes into Wallis Avenue
  • new bus lay-bys
  • some trees and vegetation being removed.

The timescales for this project are currently being reviewed.

A public consultation took place between 29 January and 11 March 2020 to give you the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed scheme before the plans are finalised.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation. Feedback from the consultation is being used to further develop the scheme design, which will be made available, alongside the consultation report on this website.