A20 London Road Aylesford

This scheme will improve the junction at the south Aylesford Retail Park on the A20 London Road.

We are proposing to remove the existing signalised junction and replace this with a free-flowing roundabout. These improvements will be delivered together with the Coldharbour Roundabout scheme.

We are proposing to remove the existing signalised junction at A20 London Road Aylesford and replace it with a free-flowing roundabout.

The roundabout has been designed to accommodate the potential increase in traffic over the next 30 years and takes in to account the proposal to build new housing on the White Post Field site off Hermitage Lane.

The improvements will also include:

  • bus stop improvements: the proposed roundabout has been designed to accommodate new bus stops. New bays will be created to allow buses to pull in rather than remaining on the road when stopping.
  • cycle and pedestrian facilities: we will enhance the pedestrian and cyclist crossing points which will be signal controlled to allow for the safe movement of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • sustainable drainage: we will incorporate a new sustainable drainage system designed to alleviate the flooding on London Road.

Scheme costs

This scheme is a £3.5 million project to be delivered by November 2022.

It is funded through £1.3 million of developer contributions, a £200,000 KCC contribution and £2 million Local Growth Fund obtained from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership.

Scheme documents

This scheme was consulted on to provide local residents and stakeholders with the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed scheme.

View the consultation.

Considerable growth is planned in this area, including the ‘Whitepost Fields’ development which will increase congestion between Maidstone and Ditton. The proposed scheme intends to improve the road network by providing additional capacity, improving air quality and reducing congestion.


The scheme objectives are to:

  • deliver travel time improvements by increasing junction capacity and reducing congestion
  • improve air quality in the area
  • improve junction safety for motorists and pedestrians
  • support the delivery of 3900 houses to be built in the area adjacent to the junction.

Forecasted timescales

This scheme will be delivered in conjunction with Coldharbour Roundabout.

The Coldharbour Roundabout scheme is due to commence construction in November 2022 with the A20 London Road Aylesford scheme following on, with an anticipated start during Autumn 2023. The combined construction phase for both projects is 18 months with the completion of the A20 London Road Aylesford scheme forecasted for the end of March 2024.

Contact us

To contact us for further information about this scheme, please email a20londonroadylesford@kent.gov.uk.

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