A25 Brasted and Sundridge average speed camera trial

A temporary average speed camera trial is proposed for the villages of Brasted and Sundridge with Ide Hill, following many reports of speeding and aggressive driving on the A25 for many years. The A25 is also used by all types of traffic when incidents or maintenance occurs on the M25 which causes a significant increase in congestion, noise and damage to the road infrastructure.

This trial has been encouraged and is supported by Brasted and Sundridge with Ide Hill Parishes. It will take place for 4 months between February and June 2022 and accompanies the automatic speedwatch camera trial taking place in Brasted. The trial will also compliment the traffic calming measures implemented in Brasted.

In order for the success of the trial to be determined, we conducted an extensive evaluation programme including resident surveys. We wanted to understand existing perceptions, views and attitudes of local residents prior to the cameras being installed and will then follow up with another questionnaire on completion of the trial. We are currently collating and reviewing the results of the surveys.

Why the trial is happening

We are implementing the schemes on a trial basis as part of Kent’s Vision Zero Strategy.

We will install the scheme week commencing 14 February, which will take 4 days. We expect that 2 other sites will be chosen to be included in the overall trial. We haven't chosen the other 2 sites yet.

We expect the average speed cameras to encourage drivers to comply with the 30mph speed limit and therefore:

  • improve quality of life in the local area
  • improve the perception of safety in the local area
  • help local residents to feel more confident and safer when out and about
  • enable more people to walk and cycle.

What will change

There will be 2 cameras, one located at the start of the residential area west of Brasted and one west of the The White Horse Public House car park in Sundridge. Signing of the cameras will also be necessary on the lead up to their locations. Each camera will detect speeds in both directions and will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There will be infrared lights to allow night time operation. The infrared is not visible to the eye so there will be no additional light pollution. The cameras will be visible to drivers.

Trial budget

A budget of £100,000, funded in full by us through the Local Transport Plan budget has been set aside. This includes costs for all 3 locations, pre-trial speed surveys, advance temporary signs and posts, movable cameras and posts and informing the local community prior to and post the trial period. It is intended that the trial within Brasted and Sundridge will run from March to June 2022 followed on with a post-trial questionnaire to understand how successful the average speed cameras have been.

Latest news

Start of works notice (PDF, 282.2 KB)

Letter to residents (PDF, 525.2 KB)

Contact us

To contact us for further information about this trial please email traffic.schemes@kent.gov.uk.