A228 Snodland Bypass

As part of our ongoing road maintenance, we are resurfacing parts of the A228 in Snodland. The works will take place between the Ham Hill (Leybourne Lakes) roundabout and the Peters Bridge roundabout.

Across 7 phases from 7 May to 9 June, our team will resurface throughout the night between 9pm and 5am.

Outside these hours, the roads will remain open for traffic. Weather conditions or unforeseen problems may impact the delivery of these works. It is possible the dates may change.

To carry out the works, we will need to remove the existing road surface using a method called milling.

Once we remove the surface, a mechanical sweeper will sweep the road. This will make sure that the prepared surface is clean and free of dust and debris. If needed, we will adjust or replace any existing manhole covers and rainwater gullies to the correct level before we lay the new surface. The process can be noisy and take some time, as we use pneumatic hand tools. We will try to do this as quickly and as safely as possible.

When all is suitably prepared, our team will use a machine called a paver to lay the surface. Then, they will compact it with a roller. This is a quick process and dependant on the design will either be a one or two-layer process. Following the completion of the surfacing, all road markings will be repainted and the road will re-open.

During the resurfacing works, it may be noisy due to the machinery we are using. You may also hear warning reversing sirens, along with flashing beacons. This is a health and safety requirement, and cannot be turned off, however, we will keep the disruptions to a minimum.

The main diversion route to bypass our A228 closures is via:

A228, M2 (Junction 2), M2 (Junction 3), A229, M20 (Junction 6), M20 (Junction 4), A228 and vice versa.

For vehicles that cannot use the motorway, the diversion is via:

A228, Peters Bridge Road, New Court Road, Pilgrims Way, Rochester Road, Forstal Road, Station Road, Mill Hall Road, Bellingham Way, Leybourne Way, A228 and vice versa.

Access to properties and specific diversion routes

Whilst working across the 7 phases of resurfacing, access to your property or business may be affected.

Access information is included in the details of each phase.

View the information for each phase.

There will be times throughout the works where we may need to restrict parking.

We restrict parking to allow us to keep the traffic flowing. It also gives drivers safe places to turn when they reach the road closures.

Parking restrictions include:

  • on street parking on Rocfort Road
  • outside properties 101 to 125 on Holborough Road.

We will place yellow no parking cones on site where parking is not permitted.

We ask for you to work with us, to help us complete the resurfacing in time.

23 April

The current dates for Phase 6 have been moved forward, with the works now taking place overnight on Wednesday 29 May. Phase 6 will continue to take place over 4 nights, with the final overnight work on Monday 3 June.

This means Phase 6 will start before Phase 4 and Phase 5. However, it will still finish after these phases, as they will take place over the weekend of 1 and 2 June.

24 May

Despite the poor weather, the works are progressing. During Phase 1 of the works, one night of bad weather meant weren't able to complete the works. Therefore, we will need to go back to Phase 1 on 4 June to carry out this work. We will close the road between 9pm and 5am. Find out about access arrangements.

In April 2023, we resurfaced the A228 Malling Road between the Leybourne Way junction and the Leybourne Lakes (Ham Hill) roundabout. In recent months, a pothole appeared within this section, shortly before the roundabout. Once all seven phases of these works are complete, our contractor will fix the pothole.

To fix the pothole, we will need to close the road for two nights between 10 and 11 June, 9pm to 5am. The closure will take place between Leybourne Way and the Leybourne Lakes (Ham Hill) roundabout in a northbound direction towards Medway only. The diversion route will still be via the A228 / M2 / A229 / M20 / A228. During these works, the southbound carriageway towards Junction 4 of the M20 will remain open.

Funded by

The government Growth Deal provides money to the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, funding projects which drive Kent’s economic and business growth.