Claims for damage to your vehicle

If your vehicle has been damaged by something on the road or highway, you may be able to claim for the damage. This could include damage caused by:

  • potholes
  • gritting lorries
  • vegetation cutting equipment.

Before claiming

Please think carefully before you submit a claim. We investigate all claims so even the cost of us processing your request diverts money away from important frontline services.

Any compensation is paid out from public money, so we will always justify the claim.

There is no automatic right to compensation.

You have the right to seek independent legal or other professional advice, but our procedures for dealing with compensation claims are the same whether you make a claim directly or through a third party. Even if you are suc­cess­ful in your claim you might not recover all or any of your legal expenses.

All claims are dealt with in accordance with sections 41 and 58 of the Highways Act 1980. Because of the legal defence available the majority of compensation claims are unsuccessful.

The process

Report the damage and obtain a claim form

Step 1: You must report any damage to the road / footway by calling 03000 41 81 81 (available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Step 2: Once you have informed us of the issue, we will provide you with a reference number. Whilst on the call, you can request a claim form. The claim form can be sent by email or post. You will require a reference number in order to proceed with your claim.

Send your claim form to us

Step 3: Your form must be completed fully and send it back to us at the provided address. It must be filled in accurately for us to process the claim and needs to include the fault reference number you were given when reporting the fault to us.

After we receive your claim form

Step 4: When we receive your claim form we will provide an acknowledgement confirmation receipt. The receipt will also include your claim reference number and indicate the current timescale for investigations. If your claim involves personal injury you may be asked to attend site with a Kent County Council official.

Step 5: It can take us up to 10 weeks to let you know our decision after we have received a completed claim form. You will then be sent an email or letter explaining the decision. Please note we will be unable to provide you with any updates over the phone if you call within this time.

Step 6: Any queries regarding a decision should be made in writing and sent to the address details that will be provided.


The law requires you to keep your losses to a minimum. This means you remain responsible for arranging repairs as soon as possible. Original repair documents and receipts will always be required in support of your claim.

If the cost of repairs are likely to exceed £500 we may wish to inspect the damaged property before repairs are carried out.