Wildlife at Manor Park

Manor Park is home to lots of fascinating wildlife, a lot of which you’ll be able to spot during your visit.


At least 17 species of bird have been spotted at Manor Park Country Park, many around the lake. These include:

  • coots
  • dab chicks
  • mallards
  • black headed gulls
  • moorhens
  • tufted ducks.


Manor Park’s veteran trees make excellent roosting spots for several species of bats and the open grassland and hedges provide plenty of food for them. Bats are harder to spot, but if you’re lucky enough to see one, it might be one of the 4 species that have made the park their home:

  • common pipistrelle
  • Daubeton’s bat
  • noctule bat
  • soprano pipistrelle.

Other mammals

The lake at Manor Park is the ideal home for water shrews, while the trees and grasslands are perfect for grey squirrels and rabbits.


During the spring and summer, Manor Park’s meadows are a great place to see a wide range of butterflies. Many sightings have been recorded, including:

  • small tortoiseshell
  • holly blue
  • meadow brown
  • speckled wood
  • large white
  • green veined white
  • small white
  • common blue
  • gatekeeper
  • red admiral.

Read our Manor Park Country Park Management Plan (PDF, 3.7 MB) to find out more about the wildlife at the park.