Union Mill, Cranbrook

About the mill

Union Mill was built in 1814, and is England’s tallest working smock mill. Its white weatherboarded smock tower stands on a tall brick base of three storeys. Four ‘patent’ sweeps drive one of the two remaining pairs of millstones.

Numerous models and exhibits explain the history of the mill and how it works. There are opportunities for children to hand grind flour.

The mill is a Grade I listed building and has been in the care of Kent County Council since its restoration in 1960. The mill is managed and operated by the Cranbrook Windmill Association.

Image of Cranbrook Union Mill.

Visit the mill

Address: Cranbrook Union Mill, Russells Yard, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 3AH

Opening times: 2:30pm to 5pm every Saturday and bank holiday from 4 April to 26 September.

From 26 July to 30 August the mill will also be open on a Wednesday and Sunday.

Visit the Cranbrook Union Mill website for more information or details about special events.

Admissions: admission is free, whilst donations are welcome.


There is no parking on site, however free parking is available at the bottom of the hill.


For more information about the mill:

Call us: 01580 714557
Email: enquiries@unionmill.org.uk