Report an unauthorised Gypsy and Traveller site

An unauthorised site or encampment is where people set up home on land without the landowner's permission. This can be private or local authority land.

Private land

Call 03000 41 41 41 or contact your local district council if:

  • you don't want the unauthorised encampment on your land
  • campers are causing a nuisance or behaving anti-socially
  • a landowner is not taking appropriate action against an encampment
  • you think a landowner is breaching planning or licensing regulations.

If you have contacted the above and you still require assistance, complete our online enquiry form which will be sent to our Gypsy Roma Traveller Resident Service and your enquiry will be dealt with.

We can work with the police to take direct action against a site if a landowner asks us to. We can also take action against landowners.

When to contact the police

Call the police on 101 to report unlawful and anti-social behaviour, but not trespass.

They will deal with crime when there is a complaint and evidence to support it. You'll need to provide written evidence and agree to support any prosecution.

Criminal or anti-social behaviour will speed up any eviction process as it is not tolerated in government policy.

Unauthorised encampments on local authority land

We immediately visit a site to check:

  • tidiness
  • the disruption to local residents and businesses
  • if it's obstructing highways or public rights of way
  • any activity the police may have had reports of
  • if there are any welfare and humanitarian issues.

We will evict if the camp is causing a nuisance or campers aren't behaving. Usually we agree an acceptable deadline with the campers. This is cheaper and quicker than taking legal action.

If we can't agree an eviction deadline there are powers the police can use. We have to apply these in line with the Human Rights Act and Race Relations Act, otherwise we may be challenged in court.