Professional Referral Energy Voucher Scheme

Funded by the UK government, the Household Support Fund scheme supports vulnerable Kent households in need of help with significantly rising living costs. As one element of support, we have set up a scheme for professionals to refer people into.

Applications are currently closed.

The third phase of Household Support Fund ended on Friday 31 March 2023.

We will be delivering a fourth phase of the Household Support Fund later this year.  The eligibility criteria has not been decided yet and we will be working through the details of the next scheme over the coming months.

We expect professionals to complete due diligence checks of applications to ensure that recipients of vouchers meet the eligibility criteria.

Applicants must:

  • be aged 16 or over
  • be a Kent resident, permanently living within one of the 12 local authorities covered by Kent County Council (this excludes Medway, Bexley, or Bromley)
  • be in receipt of means tested benefits, or household income is less than £30,000 per annum before tax
  • not have more than £250 in savings
  • not receive free school meals support for any child within your household.

Eligible free school meals families will be receiving an energy cash out voucher per eligible child for the value of £50 direct from their child’s school, outside of this scheme. Plans to distribute vouchers are underway and the team responsible for this delivery expect to circulate vouchers to eligible families by 31 March 2023.

Residents with no recourse to public funding are still eligible for the scheme. If a National Insurance number is not available, email with the circumstances and reasons why the applicant should receive this support and attach all supporting evidence to the email.

Applications are currently closed.

If you have already submitted an application, one of our assessment officers will contact you as soon as possible.

If we have declined your application within the last 7 days and you feel the decision should be reviewed, you can email to appeal. Please give as much information about why you feel the decision should be reviewed.

Receiving the voucher

The applicant will receive the £100 in the form of a Post Office 'cash-out' voucher. The voucher will be sent by text or email depending on what option you selected within the application. If the applicant does not have a mobile phone or access to an email account, the voucher will be posted.

The text message will not contain any links or attachments and will say: Post Office Payout Voucher xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx for £100. They can take this text message to any Post Office branch.

Please advise applicants who are expecting a voucher but haven't received it, to check their spam and junk folders. If it still hasn't been received, call us on 03000 414141 or email

Redeeming the voucher

The applicant can redeem the voucher at a Post Office of their choice.

When they go to the Post Office to redeem the voucher, the applicant will need to show:

  • the text message, email or letter
  • some identification such as a driving licence or passport and a utility bill. The identification and utility bill must be in the name of the voucher recipient. If someone else is supporting the applicant in redeeming the voucher, they will need to take the applicants identification and utility bill, and will be required to present their own identification as well.

Voucher expiry

The voucher will expire 30 days from the issue date. Please remind applicants to redeem the voucher for the full amount as soon as possible as we are unable to reissue vouchers once they have expired.