Save water

Lets make every drop count, save water and energy

Save money by saving water

It may sound obvious, but If you use less water, you'll save money on your household bills.

If you have a water meter, using less water will reduce your water bill, but that's not the only saving: You can also bring down your energy bills!

Around 18% of energy used in homes is spent on heating water. So if you use less hot water, you'll use less energy, and bring down your energy bill too.

We have lots of helpful tips to save money by saving water and you can request a free water saving home visit from your water company.

Saving water protects our wildlife

If we reduce our water use we will take less water out of our groundwater supplies, rivers and reservoirs.

These supplies are vital water sources for wildlife who depend on them for their survival.

Reduce emissions by using less water

It takes a huge amount of energy to treat water and then pump it to our homes and businesses. Heating water for baths, showers, cleaning and central heating then uses even more energy.

By reducing how much water we use, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the acceleration of climate change.

Water is a precious resource

The climate emergency will bring increasingly drier winters and hotter summers to the UK, which will reduce our clean water supply.

At the same time our increasing population will place even more demand on those supplies.

So it’s more important than ever that we do not waste water, to lessen the risk of water shortages in future.

Support with your water bills

If you are struggling to pay your water bills, you may be entitled to support provided by your water company.