Talents and Interests grant scheme

This funding programme is currently closed.

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Talents and Interests Grants are funded by Reconnect Kent to support children's and young people's emotional wellbeing, resilience, health and happiness.

The scheme is designed to support individuals or groups of young people to pursue a hobby such as sports, the arts or music. An adult from an education setting or community organisation can apply for a grant on the young person or group’s behalf in order to access hobbies such as sports, the arts or music. You can apply for £50 to £300 per grant for individuals and up to a £1000 for a group of three or more.

It is a requirement of the grant to provide an evaluation two months after the activity has started.

The types of project the grant can help

The funding must support a pursuit of a talent, interest or hobby. It is expected this activity or benefits of it will will be sustained after the funding has ended.

Research indicates that positive achievements for children can help to build their resilience. This applies not only to academic performance, but also other positive experiences including engagement, enjoyment and success outside of school.

Personal items or equipment to enable a young person to participate in a talent or interest can be applied for up to a value of £75. Specific costs must be broken down in the application form and any unspent money will need to be returned to us.

Please note that applications relating to horse riding will no longer be approved, due to the cost and difficulty in sustaining the activity.

Who can apply

To apply for a Talents and Interests Grant the young people must:

  • be aged 5 to 19 years old
  • live or go to school in Kent
  • have identified a talent or interest which they wish to pursue and would be of benefit to their wellbeing
  • be unable to finance the activity within their family or be living independently.


Applications are closed.

You will receive a response within 4 weeks of your application.