Reconnect Locality Grant

Our Reconnect Locality Grant supported organisations, groups and local authorities to help children and young people reconnect to their pre-pandemic lives.

Over 3 rounds of funding, £2.5 million was allocated to Local Children's Partnership Groups (LCPGs) to fund services and activities between Summer 2021 and August 2022.

This was part of Reconnect: Our Kent Children and Young People Programme.

The activities needed to be inclusive, provide equal access, and help children and young people reconnect with:

  • learning missed
  • health and happiness
  • sport, activities and the outdoors
  • friends family or and communities
  • economic wellbeing.

Information for applicants

Outcome of bids

Applicants were told the outcome of their applications in March 2022.


We'll release the funds when we receive signed grant agreements, and in line with our 30 day payment period.

Contact us

If you applied for a Reconnect Locality Grant and need to get in touch, email