Test your broadband speed

Check your broadband speed

To get an accurate check of speed:

  • make sure you only have the computer you are testing accessing the internet
  • do not touch the keyboard or mouse while the test is running.

Speeds will vary depending on the time of day, day of the week or other factors, so it's worth repeating the test to get the range of speeds you will receive.

What speed do I need?

It depends what you need it for:

  • for browsing the web and accessing emails, 512kb will probably be useable and 1mb will give a reasonable experience
  • for streaming video, for instance using BBC iPlayer, you will need at least 2mb for a useable service and 3.5mb for high definition.

Find out more about broadband speeds and the type of thing you should be able to do with different broadband speeds.

My internet connection is slower then I expected

If your connection is slower than you expected find out how to improve your internet speed.