You can report abandoned vehicles to your local council. It is a criminal offence to abandon a vehicle.

Get rid of your car for free

We can get rid of your vehicle for free if you don't want it anymore. Complete our vehicle surrender form, or call 03000 41 73 73.

You'll need the address and postcode of exactly where the vehicle is and a daytime phone number. We'll pass your form to a company which can arrange a date and time to collect the vehicle.

When the company collects the car

Please have the keys and log book ready so you can sign the vehicle over to the person collecting it.

They'll confirm the vehicle has been removed and destroyed and will let the DVLA know.

When you sign the vehicle surrender form you are confirming:

  • you are the sole owner of the vehicle
  • the vehicle is not registered on a hire purchase agreement
  • you are surrendering ownership of the vehicle to us for free disposal
  • you are indemnifying us and our contractor against any damage caused to your property while removing the vehicle
  • there is no property left in the vehicle, other than the standard fittings supplied with the vehicle
  • the vehicle is in a place where it can be removed by machine without difficulty by the contractor.