Case study: Electric vehicle grant

Edibleculture, a Faversham-based horticultural business, strive to continually reduce their carbon footprint. In September 2018 they applied to LoCASE for an EU grant in order to invest in an electric van to deliver local orders across the South East.

They were one of over 1,000 firms successful in claiming funding, in this case a grant for £5,437.81 (40% of the total cost). The van has been invaluable recently for delivering to those who were self-isolating or unable to make it to their nursery.

What they achieved

Edibleculture applied for LoCASE funding because they wanted to:

  • create a greener business
  • save money
  • promote the company.

With the grant, Edibleculture reduced their carbon footprint by the equivalent of 1.93 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. They now expect to save £2,290 per year in diesel costs and have contributed to improving Swale's air quality.

We worked with Edibleculture's owners, Chris Williams and David Ware, to help them get the grant quickly. They are now looking at purchasing a second electric van.

About Edibleculture

Edibleculture offer a wide variety of services to local residents from pruning trees, to growing a huge range of plants free from peat, pesticide or plastic. The first company in the UK to claim this.

They work closely with community groups and schools advising on orchard planting and greening projects.

People are very conscious about where they spend their money and what they’re purchasing.

Our customers are buying into what we are trying to do.

Chris and Dave, owners of Edibleculture