Try Angle Award district category winners

In 2023, the judging panels confirmed the district category winners, as outlined below. A number of doorstep and virtual events took place to present awards to the district category winners.

These winners were then put forward to the countywide Spirit of Try Angle Awards event.

District category winners

ArtsLilly Sargent aged 11
Community actionLiv Hennessey aged 17
CourageLukas Kidney aged 15
Good friends and young carers Bailey Targett aged 14
MusicRobin Norman aged 17
Personal developmentCaitlin and Lizzie
Personal intervention Liv Hennessey aged 17
Sport or outdoor activitiesCameron Mitchell aged 14

ArtsRafferty Parr-Clark aged 13
Community actionSophie Woollett aged 16
Courage Ellen Stevents aged 16
Good friends and young carersCarys Morgan aged 11
MusicEmily Taylor aged 17
Personal developmentJoy McGregor aged 19
Positive interventionTom Spinks aged 12
Sport or outdoor activitiesOllie Scott aged 14

Arts Khia Marie Childs aged 17
Community action Fun Friends aged 16 to 23
Courage Amelia Szczesniak aged 14
Good friends and young carers Tyan Batmaz aged 11
Music Shannon Sheridan aged 15
Personal development Phoebe Dachtler aged 15
Positive intervention Tyan Batmaz aged 11
Sport or outdoor activities Chelsie Taylor aged 16


Mackenzie Memorial :

AdelleSharp, Alfie Rayner, Billy Huntingford, Charlie Purland, Chloe Fulbrook , DaisyBartlett, Deacon Davis, Dylan Curry, Dylan Weller-Katuruza, Elsie-MaeFathers, Emma-LeighHerbert, EnyaSmith, Erin Crompton, Essian Ambriz, Frankie Scally, Grace Smith, Henry Fisher, Hope Goodburn-Baker , James Hazelwood , Jamie Cook, Josh Hicketts, Katie Jackson, Lauren Purland, Leo Hazelwood, Lillie-Mae Skilling, Lloyd Weller-Katuruza, Logan Cook, Logan Pullen, Maisie Barrett, Mason-Storm King, Michael Hunter, Molly-Rose Hopkins, Nancy Poynton, Nick Darcy, Olivia Wells, Phoebe Fathers, Phoenix Broadhurst, Riley O'Neill, Samantha Cox, Shayleigh Thompson, Talan Kiffin-Kenton, Thomas Sales, Kian Croxford. Aged 12 to 16 years old
Community actionLewis Head aged 14 years old
CourageDavid Coburn aged 15 years old
Good friends and young carersSummer Scott Malhomme aged 14 years old
MusicCharlie Gower aged 10 years old
Personal developmentLola Fendt aged 12 years old
Positive interventionEmily Hogben aged 15 years old
Sport or outdoor activitiesRuby Jones aged 11 years old

ArtsSebastian Sivak aged 14
Community action Eddison (Ted) Miller aged 11
CourageZak Baliuk aged 16
Good friends and young carersFaith Howell aged 11
Personal developmentNila Jamali aged 12
Positive interventionFolkestone and Hythe SpeakOut:
Oscar Sinnott, Kallum Sinnott, Brodie Eldridge-Moon, Josh Lery-Ore, Kyla Button, Riley Button, Charlotte Tucker, Lexie Rawlings, Ezra Brewer, Jaiden Cottle, Emily Brazil, Fefe-Mae Foster, Kristian Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Alex Johnson, Aaliyah Supple, Amelia Luckman, Jacob McEnroe, Josh McEnroe, Chloe McEnroe aged 11 to 18 years of age
Sport or outdoor activitiesOscar Gray aged 15

ArtsFrazer Curd aged 15
Community action

Northfleet Technology College Forest school :

Madieng Beye , Abdulmateen Biodun-Ogun, Brajan Hoch, Dylan Hutson, Ben Kelly, Catalin Lasco, Jacob Loft, Hayden Moody, Alfie Richards, Daniel Roulston, Henry Sandhu , Henryjoe Stanford , Archie Waugh, Ethan Webb, Aaron Brown aged 11 to 13 year olds
Courage Charlie and Harry Thomas both aged 16
Good friends and young carersGrace Gowing aged 17
MusicMatilda Osborne aged 15
Personal developmentEmily Lindridge aged 18
Positive interventionJames May aged 15
Sport or outdoor activitiesJeremy Bah aged 18

ArtsJay Reed aged 16
Community actionFrankie Baker aged 14 
Casey Lawrence aged 15
Jessie Hilden aged 14 
Courage Leon Vine aged 15
Good friends and young carersChloe Coltart aged 13
MusicJay Reed aged 16
Personal developmentBenjamin Rowlands aged 18
Sport or outdoor activitiesElla Abbott aged 16

Community action Olivia Skudder aged 15
Sophie Skudder aged 12
Jada-Kay Murphy aged 19
Lucas Murphy aged 13
Annabelle Connolly aged 15
Finley Blissett aged 13
Good friends and young carersAshleigh Holmes aged 21
Personal developmentFrancesca Valentino aged 13

ArtsEmily Gillan aged 15
Community actionArchie Suter aged 12
Courage Paris Rapps aged 14
Good friends and young carersCrystal Haylett aged 17
MusicSophie Rae Ashby-Clark aged 13
Personal developmentAimee Cordwell aged 15
Positive interventionLexie Walker aged 15
Sport or outdoor activitiesEthan Hickford aged 11

ArtsAshton Sharp aged 17
Community action Thomas Andrews aged 12
CourageEthan Challis aged 13
Good friends and young carersEllie Court aged 18
MusicBand Room - Pie Factory Music aged 13 to 18
Personal developmentTerry Embrury aged 18
Positive interventionEmily Harding-McCormack aged 16
Sport or outdoor activitiesPaige Cook aged 16

Community actionCJ Ford
River Nisbet
Vincent Kuld
Maria Kuld
Brooke Rozier aged 13 to 18
CourageIndia Shaw aged 19
Good friends and young carers Paige Andrews aged 15
Personal development Zak Gandhi aged 1
Personal interventionSEND Seniors: Alexander Hall
India Shaw
Luke Buisson
Charlotte Vanstone
Poppy Nel
River Nisbet
Hollie McKee
Lucy Pope
Toni Blanchard
Chloe Holmden
Abdu Jeridi
Shonia Thompsett
Sport or outdoor activitiesElla Houghton aged 18

ArtsThe Performing Arts Experience:
Kellie Crane
Millie Crane
Jack Hart
Amelia Higgins
Chloe Smith
Kate Allen
Community action Laker Knight aged 15
CourageBella Freckleton aged 12
Personal developmentEthan Adams aged 11
Sport or outdoor activitiesHenry Billingham aged 14

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