Try Angle Award district category winners

In 2021, the judging panels confirmed the district category winners, as outlined below. A number of doorstep and virtual events took place to present awards to the district category winners.

These winners were then put forward to the countywide Spirit of Try Angle Awards event.

District category winners 2021

ArtsTom Curry aged 17
Community actionBen Heaton aged 17
CourageAbbie Scullion aged 16
Good friends and young carers Nathan Dinsmore aged 18
MusicJoshua Benson aged 15
Personal developmentKatie Brown aged 16
Personal intervention

Wellbeing Ambassadors:  Isobel Mackenzie,  Darci Cregg Griffin,  Subisha Upadhyay,  Elicia Lacey,  Lois Stevens,  Salma Hashemi,  Gabby Hanekom,  Niamh Ciccone McKenna,  Jessie Yau

Sport or outdoor activitiesFred Warby aged 13

ArtsGrace Swansbury aged 17
Community actionLuke Cope aged 15
Courage Leila Webb aged 15

Supajam: Kieran Gillett aged 17,  TJ leach aged 18, James Franklin aged 16, Lewis Monticelli aged 16

Personal developmentBrooke Wanstall aged 16
Positive intervention

Year 11 Pixl class: Lily Dodson aged 15, Laura Hamilton-Hopkins aged 15, Amelie Greenhill-Jeffrey aged 15 , and Amber Smith aged 15

Sport or outdoor activitiesKatie Berwick aged 14

ArtsElizabeth Snow aged 18
Community action Oluwatishe Fatona aged 13
Courage Aliyah Badmus aged 12
Good friends and young carersMia Tarbin-Ring aged 16
MusicBen Lynch aged 11
Personal development Jaymee Clarke aged 14
Positive interventionRia Street aged 17
Sport or outdoor activitiesLilly Blatt aged 14

ArtsKaty-Scarlett Coveney aged 17
Community actionOlivia Evans aged 14
CourageLacey Fagg aged 16
Good friends and young carersJessica Brooks aged 18
Personal developmentTyler Andrews aged 17
Positive interventionTimothy Lockyer aged 17
Sport or outdoor activitiesEmily-Rose Evans aged 14

ArtsKatie Dragwidge aged 21
Community action Isla Warburton aged 11
CourageSam Oddy aged 14
Good friends and young carersBenjamin Want aged 16
Personal developmentEvelina Miskovicova aged 16
Positive interventionRelationship Ambassadors: Isabelle Dowsett aged 14, Isobel Bowell aged 15, Kitty Allen aged 15, Olivia Baker Stephens aged 14, Phoebe Everson aged 14
Sport or outdoor activitiesDaniel Gooch aged 14

ArtsPolly Akehurst aged 15
Community action Vivien Farkas-Haholt aged 16
Courage Hayley Bell aged 13
Good friends and young carersEmily Lindridge aged 17
MusicThomas Barnett aged 15
Personal developmentHorses4Health: Cameron Gainsford, Dominika Pasierbik, Imogen Hatton, Keira Theobald, Theo Norris, and Tiffany Morgan
Positive interventionGYG Committee: Erin Jewiss aged 16, Liam Barden aged 15, Micha Hanstead aged 21, Laura Podegrade aged 13, George Duffort aged 16, Amelia Hickenbotham aged 16, Manahil Zahra aged 17, Daniella Awani aged 18, Jessica Ampadu aged 17, Harrison Pettman aged 21, Molly Burnett aged 18, Jessica Potts aged 16, Jessica Jarrett aged 15, Falak Zahra aged 16, Andreea Zegrean aged 16, Kayleigh Nash aged 16, Miriam Eni-Umubame aged 18, Ore Lawal aged 17, Tami Aina aged 17, Tyler zziwa-longe aged 18, Ellie Burns aged 16, Precious Achunine aged 19, Vuyelwa Katsere aged 17, and Haydn Guildford-Rossi aged 16
Sport or outdoor activitiesEfe Ermis aged 14 and Ela Ermis aged 12

ArtsAyman Hoon aged 19
Community actionNivedha Krishnakumar aged 11
Courage Evie Judges aged 18
Good friends and young carersAbbi Holmes aged 11
MusicEsther Eesuola aged 12
Personal developmentJoshua Weekes aged 17
Positive interventionMackenzie Stringer aged 14
Sport or outdoor activitiesAbdul Bake Katakhail aged 16

ArtsBilly Langley aged 16
Community action Zechariah Hart aged 18
CourageSam Chard aged 17
Good friends and young carersFlorence Hayes aged 13
Personal developmentLee Twinley aged 17
Sport or outdoor activitiesLucy Sadler aged 14

ArtsSophie Figg aged 15
Community actionElijah Waller aged 15
Courage Isabel Richardson aged 18
Good friends and young carersHeather Mankterlow aged 14
Personal developmentEllie Thorpe aged 19
Positive interventionElijah Waller aged 15
Sport or outdoor activitiesHarry Pike aged 15

ArtsAriadne Richardson-Horscroft aged 11
Community action Alyssa Hart-Adams aged 15
CourageNicolas Rose aged 15
Good friends and young carersLevi Worsley aged 13
MusicRyan Doncaster aged 15
Personal developmentDaniel Nembhard aged 18
Positive interventionEmily Harding-McCormack aged 15
Sport or outdoor activitiesHarry Grafton aged 18

ArtsNimueh Ferdinando aged 17
Community action

Litter Kickers: Danny Eisawy and Jojo Eisawy

CourageJoseph Wheddon aged 11
Good friends and young carers Megan Swan aged 17
MusicJacob Austin aged 18
Personal development India Shaw aged 18
Personal interventionSNAP: Poppy Nel, Hollie McKee, Lucy Pope, Alexander Hall, India Shaw, Luke Buisson, Charlotte Sangster, Peter Stanton, and Courtney Winter
Sport or outdoor activitiesJake Officer aged 13

ArtsWinter aged 9
Community action Maya Sobek aged 16
CourageSarah Pannell aged 18
Good friends and young carersGrace Sellings-Hand aged 13
MusicMiriam Brown-Griffin aged 15
Personal developmentEleanor Woodward aged 18
Sport or outdoor activitiesTigers Gymnastics Trio: Willow Balcombe aged 19, Francesca Arnell aged 15, and Amy Rowe aged 17

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