Try Angle Award district category winners

In 2020, the judging panels confirmed the district category winners, as outlined below. A number of doorstep and virtual events took place to present awards to the district category winners.

These winners were then put forward to the countywide Spirit of Try Angle Awards event.

District category winners 2020

ArtsLeah McPhee aged 16
Community actionJenna Aldous aged 17
CourageJorja Satchell aged 16
Good friends and young carers Ella Knight aged 12
MusicMichael Sargent aged 11
Personal developmentMoses Watson aged 23
Personal intervention Orwell McGuinness aged 18
Sport or outdoor activitiesSamuel Joyce aged 17

ArtsOlivia Laing aged 15
Community actionOscar Culson-Stanley aged 11
Courage Riley Williams aged 11
Good friends and young carersMax Stratton aged 18
MusicAlbair D'Anna Burgis aged 16
Personal developmentSam Marsh aged 17
Positive interventionWilf Marshall aged 17, and a group of six: Madison Kendall aged 15, Eleanor Wood aged 15, Tia Hancock aged 16, Chloe Skinsley aged 16, Jack Williams aged 17 and Kyle Pattison aged 17
Sport or outdoor activitiesAlice Summers aged 16

ArtsOliver Winter aged 21
Community action Alex Parselle aged 11
Courage Nicole Whetnall aged 14
Good friends and young carersJade Legg aged 19
MusicTeddy Dann aged 14
Personal development Jayden Day aged 16
Positive interventionKiera McHugh aged 15
Sport or outdoor activitiesJoshua Farrer aged 17

Community actionLara Lynch aged 16
CouragePreston Harper aged 13
Good friends and young carersGroup of three: Maisie Mason aged 15, Ellie Wood aged 16 and Jasmine Nethercoat aged 16
Personal developmentTimothy Lockyer aged 16
Positive interventionKYCC Mental Health Campaign group: Jack Eglinton aged 15, Jordan Mothersole aged 17, Sam Chard aged 16, Michael Richardson aged 14, Charlotte Swaine aged 19, Joseph Parsons aged 14 and Riley Button aged 12
Sport or outdoor activitiesBen Broadhouse aged 15

ArtsAngel Howlett aged 18
Community action Clare Wood-Alexander aged 12
CourageDamien Anderson aged 17
Good friends and young carersChloe Want aged 11
Personal development Josh Prifiti aged 16
Positive interventionFinley Boustead aged 14
Sport or outdoor activitiesLeo Norris aged 11

ArtsGroup Gen Zed: Maha Amer aged 19, Maria Mukamonda aged 18, Lakshmi Lakha aged 19, Mason Rickard aged 18, Tatiana Dan-Jumbo aged 17, Hannah Van Der Byl aged 17, Princess Higgwe aged 20, Precious Achunine aged 17, Margaret Eni-uwubame aged 19, Shanead Akyena aged 18, Flyin Thomas aged 17, Jamal Helwig-Doris aged 17, Lola Olaniyan aged 24, Rya Johal aged 20, Erykah Farrel aged 16, Emma Edgal aged 16, Esther Osinbi aged 16, Laura-Maria Bolaji aged 15
Community action Harriet Howes aged 17
Courage Anastasia Casapu aged 13
Good friends and young carersEmily Lindridge aged 17
MusicHannah Runting aged 17
Personal developmentHorses 4 Health: Roxeanne Bailey aged 17, Chloe Everden aged 15, Annabelle Imms aged 14, Abi Spackman aged 16, Bradley Woolard aged 14, Zoe Tutt aged 14
Positive interventionFiyin Thomas aged 17
Sport or outdoor activitiesKayla Fry aged 17

ArtsKirsty Rowe aged 16
Community actionAdam Karakilc aged 18
Courage Amber Burrows aged 17
Good friends and young carersCraig Dawe aged 16
MusicBecky Rowe aged 17
Personal developmentTom Keetarut aged 14
Positive interventionGroup: TIDE (Anti-racism) Donna Doherty aged 17, Solape Tundedauda aged 17, Hannah Clifton aged 17
Sport or outdoor activitiesZachariah Moody aged 16

ArtsEllie Tooth aged 13
Community action Anna Tarasheva aged 15
CourageMiles Raven aged 15
Good friends and young carersAlfie Warner-Arnold aged 12
MusicTheodore Jones aged 11
Personal developmentDaniel Davies aged 18
Positive interventionRomilly Ashworth aged 15
Sport or outdoor activitiesJamina Korvin aged 16

ArtsSinead May aged 15
Community actionMadison Hinton aged 15
Courage Grace Underwood aged 14
Good friends and young carersHoney Neve aged 15
MusicMarsh family: Alfie aged 14, Thomas aged 12, Ella aged 10 and Tess aged 8 with parents Ben and Danielle
Personal developmentNatalie Tanner aged 18
Positive interventionJordan Mothersole aged 17
Sport or outdoor activitiesJohn Mark Montague aged 17

ArtsBede Rich aged 17
Community action Caiden Evans aged 11
CourageEllis Dockerty aged 13
Good friends and young carersEmese White aged 12
MusicEvie Warne aged 14
Personal developmentAlfred Broad aged 11
Positive interventionBryony Jay aged 17
Sport or outdoor activitiesAnna Butova aged 12

Community action The Litter Kickers group: Danny Eisawy aged 11 and Jojo Eisawy aged 9
Good friends and young carers Libby Caine aged 12
Personal development Elijah Frankham aged 17
Personal interventionSnodland SAY group: Sofia Keenan aged 13,
Lyric Allingham aged 13, Lisa Timms aged 19, Kestra Willett aged 17, Shania Chapman aged 14 and Amelia Smith aged 13
Sport or outdoor activitiesLucy Tallon aged 14

ArtsFlora Wynn-Carter aged 14
Community action Max Chesters aged 18
CourageThe Flisher family: Jimmy aged 16, Joey aged 16, Stephen aged 14, Nicholas aged 13, Jason aged 11 and Tommy aged 8
Good friends and young carersAnnabel Fisher aged 15
MusicMaxwell Kendall aged 14
Personal developmentDaisy Harold aged 15
Positive interventionMollie Whatman aged 11
Sport or outdoor activitiesRuby Box aged 12

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