Spirit of Try Angle Award county finalists

After the district winners of the Try Angle Awards were announced, judges invited the top nominee in each category across the county to the Spirit of Try Angle awards.

An award was then presented to each category winner, and one overall countywide winner.

Watch the winners being presented with their awards at the Try Angle Awards 2022.

2022 countywide winners, the GYG Committee

Winners of the Spirit of Try Angle Award county finalist, the GYG Committee as represented by their members Liam Barden, Manahil Zahra, Erin Jewiss, Jessica Jarrett, and Laura Podegrade collecting their awards from Cabinet Member for Integrated Children’s Services Sue Chandler.

Our category finalists

ArtsKatie Dragwidge aged 21, New Romney
Community actionZechariah Hart aged 18, Edenbridge
CourageSarah Pannell aged 18, Tunbridge Wells
Good friends and young carersEmily Lindridge aged 17, Gravesend
MusicRyan Doncaster aged 15, Margate
Personal developmentIndia Shaw aged 18, Tunbridge Wells
Personal interventionGYG Committee: Erin Jewiss aged 16, Liam Barden aged 15, Micha Hanstead aged 21, Laura Podegrade aged 13, George Duffort aged 16, Amelia Hickenbotham aged 16, Manahil Zahra aged 17, Daniella Awani aged 18, Jessica Ampadu aged 17, Harrison Pettman aged 21, Molly Burnett aged 18, Jessica Potts aged 16, Jessica Jarrett aged 15, Falak Zahra aged 16, Andreea Zegrean aged 16, Kayleigh Nash aged 16, Miriam Eni-Umubame aged 18, Ore Lawal aged 17, Tami Aina aged 17, Tyler zziwa-longe aged 18, Ellie Burns aged 16, Precious Achunine aged 19, Vuyelwa Katsere aged 17 and Haydn Guildford-Rossi aged 16 from Gravesend
Sport or outdoor activitiesEmily-Rose Evans aged 14, Dover

Try Angle Awards

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