Spirit of Try Angle Award county finalists

After the district winners of the Try Angle Awards were announced, judges invited the top nominee in each category across the county to the Spirit of Try Angle awards.

An award was then presented to each category winner, and one overall countywide winner.

Watch the winners being presented with their awards at the Try Angle Awards 2020.

2020 county wide winner, Damien Anderson

Winner of the Spirit of Try Angle Award county finalist, Damien Anderson.

Our category finalists

  • Bede Rich aged 17, Thanet
Community action
  • Lara Lynch aged 16, Dover
  • Damien Anderson aged 17, Folkestone
Good friends and young carers
  • Craig Dawe aged 16, Maidstone
  • Hannah Runting aged 17, Gravesham
Personal development
  • Timothy Lockyer aged 16, Dover
Personal intervention
  • Group of six: Madison Kendall aged 15, Eleanor Wood aged 15, Tia Hancock aged 16, Chloe Skinsley aged 16, Jack Williams aged 17 and Kyle Pattison aged 17, from Canterbury.
Sport or outdoor activities
  • Ruby Box aged 12, Tunbridge Wells

Try Angle Awards

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