Try Angle Awards 2018

These awards were introduced in 1994 to raise the profile of people aged 11-18 or who are special needs aged up to 25 in the community who really try, often with little recognition, to do their best. Every young person nominated is recognised for their nomination, panels will select district finalists in each category and the overall 24 Spirit Finalists will be invited to the Spirit of Try Angle County final in November.

Nominations for the 2018 Try Angle Awards closed on 20 September 2018.

See the 2017 winners and finalists of the Try Angle Awards and Spirit of Try Angle Awards.


  • Arts - recognising personal achievement in the arts, in any form.
  • Music - recognising personal achievement in music in any form.
  • Sport or outdoor activities - recognising personal achievement in a sport or outdoor activity, demonstrating sportsmanship, fair play and commitment.
  • Community action - recognising the contribution made to the community or in such initiatives as school councils, youth forums, charities or environmental projects.
  • Good friends and young carers - recognising those who spend time being a good friend or carer to another in their family or the local community.
  • Personal development - recognising special achievement in education, training, or other activities not covered in other categories.
  • Courage - recognising acts of courage displayed in coping bravely with illness or other adversity.
  • Positive intervention - recognising an intervention where an individual or group has prevented harm, bullying, discrimination or damage.

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