Supported internships

A supported internship is a bespoke study programme to support SEND students aged 16 to 24 with an education and health care (EHC) plan to gain the right skills needed in the modern workplace. It is a partnership between the employer, the education provider and the supported employment provider working together to overcome any barriers and make it a success for all concerned.

You will remain in education and split your academic week (Monday to Friday) up between the unpaid placement and your tailored study with the education provider. The internship with an employer involves you carrying out tasks or duties similar to that of an employee, but with the emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience.

Placements are aimed at you being hands-on rather than observational, this gives a 'real' employment experience and allows employers to see what you can do.

For further information you can contact the Kent Supported Employment Service. Or, you can contact one of the education settings that provide supported internships: