Maisie's supported employment journey

Maisie completed four years at her local college, where she studied a variety of different subjects. After completing her college course she wanted to do more. She applied for a number of jobs, but she was unsuccessful in her interviews and therefore reached out to Kent Supported Employment for advice. They were able to help her with her CV and she carried out her work experience at her college.

Being determined that she wanted to do more, she worked with Kent Supported Employment to update her CV and to think about what organisation she would like to work for. The NHS has helped her through her life and she felt that it would be rewarding to give something back and help others. She therefore applied for a role with the NHS, where she now works.

Watch Maisie's video to find out more about her journey to employment.

Maisie talks to us about how the Kent Supported Employment Service has helped her.

Maisie's video transcript


Hello, my name is Maisie and I'm going to tell you about my journey with Kent Supported Employment.

[Title: What were you doing before you got in touch with KSE?]

I had completed four incredible years at Sheppey College, studying a variety of different subjects which included: IT, business and health and social care.

After college, I felt ready to start my next steps in employment.I applied and attended a variety of job interviews however I was unsuccessful. I am very determined but I felt like I needed more support and that is where Kent Supported Employment came in.

[Title: How did KSE help you?]

Kent Supported Employment helped me to gain work experience. I completed my work experience at Sheppey College, where I assisted with general admin duties and helped the staff in the library.

After my work experience I was rewarded for my hard work and determination.

After my work experience, KSE helped me to improve my CV and to think about what types of jobs would interest me. I felt like admin would be a good match for me.

I went on to think about what organisation I would like to work for. The NHS has helped me through my life and I felt that it would be rewarding to give something back and help others.

I applied for the 'Practice Partner' role at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust. I completed a video application and was offered the job!

[Title: Where are you now?]

I am now really happy with my job and love working with my team. I feel that working with different people and providing support with interviews has increased my confidence.

Travelling to work and other places by myself has also increased my independence.

Thank you Kent Supported Employment!