Gaby's supported employment journey

Gaby first started her career volunteering in the charity sector, where she helped The Healthy Living Centre in Dartford on their reception and tutored the elderly in computing.

After working with an Employment Officer to help her improve her CV, she was able to apply for a role at her local hospital in the Children's Resource Centre.

Watch Gaby's video to find out more about her journey to employment.

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Gaby talks to us about how the Kent Supported Employment Service has helped her.

Gaby's video transcript


Hi I'm Gabriel Ward, some people call me Gaby and I'd like tell you about how The Education People helped me get into the workplace.

[Title: What were you doing before KSE?]

I had been volunteering for the best part of five years. First, I started volunteering in a local charity shop but due to my disability I had to move to another charity called The Healthy Living Centre in Dartford and they were so accommodating, I started working with them and I updated their social media, worked as a receptionist and eventually tutored the 'Silver Surfers' on computers.

[Title: How did KSE support you?]

In 2019 I started working with an Employment Officer at my local library, I had about five sessions with him and we went through my CV, strengths and weaknesses and things that we needed to consider and put in place for job prospects and accessibility. I eventually was informed by my Employment Officer that there was a role at my local hospital for an admin assistant in the Children's Resource Centre, and I was so honoured that I got an interview as that hospital and the NHS saved my life when I had a seizure as a young child and I also went to nursery school for disabled children at the Children's Resource Centre when I was younger.

[Title: Where are you now?]

I have been there for eight months now and I love my job. I do have difficulties with mental health but I do find as a whole, I can work really well and I've worked especially well during lockdown, working from home and it's helped me with my independence, confidence and self-worth. I personally think that The Education People is an amazing organisation and they will help you, or they will also help signpost you to things that will help you and I think give it a go because... you never know and you could be a success and... they're just a fantastic organisation. So for anyone who's watching this go for it, they will help you.