Access to Work scheme

The Access to Work scheme is available for anyone over the age of 16, who has a physical or mental health condition or disability that means you need support to do your job or get to and from work.

For example, you could have:

  • a learning disability
  • a developmental condition
  • learning difficulties
  • an illness
  • a physical or sensory disability
  • a mental health condition.

If you get an Access to Work grant, it will not affect any other benefits you get and you will not have to pay it back.

Support from Access to Work scheme

The scheme can help to:

  • pay for communication support at job interviews
  • pay for practical support with your work
  • give you advice about managing your mental health at work
  • supply BSL interpreters, lip speakers or note takers
  • adapt your vehicle so you can get to work
  • pay for taxi fares to work or a support worker if you cannot use public transport
  • pay for a support worker or job coach to help you in your workplace
  • supply specialist equipment to make working easier.

Additional support

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