Community inclusion with SEND

An image of a young man gardening

As you become an adult, you might want to get involved more in your community. You can help your neighbour through volunteering. Why not share your views about the council. Or, you can join a club to make new friends.


People volunteer for many reasons. Each volunteering opportunity provides its own unique experience. Volunteering can help you to:

  • develop new skills and experience
  • enhance your CV
  • gain valuable references
  • meet new people
  • make a difference to other people’s lives
  • build your confidence in the workplace.

Find a local volunteering opportunity near you.

Support if you're released from custody

After being released from custody, did you know there's plenty of help available? Our Youth Justice Team has put together a guide explaining the custody process. The guide includes their contact details.

Read our youth justice operational guide.

Get involved in your council

It's important to have your voice heard. There are plenty of ways to be involved in council-led decisions. Learn how you can: