Planning for adulthood

The transition from being a young person to adulthood can be a difficult time for anyone. But it can be particularly difficult for disabled young people or young people with long term health conditions. Often a young person will be in contact with a number of different professionals and agencies and some of these contacts might change as they approach adult life.

When your child is in year 9 at school we'll start working with you and your child to plan their move towards adulthood. This is called a transition plan and will include:

Education: does your child wish to continue at school or college or start training for work?

Care and support: if a young person is likely to need care and support when they reach 18, we'll do an assessment to identify your needs and agree how these could be met. We will ensure a smooth transition from children's services to adult services if this applies to you.

Read our fact sheet about getting care and support in relation to transition (PDF, 38.5 KB)

Work: what sort of support will your child need to start work? Think about paid work, unpaid or voluntary work, apprenticeships and traineeships.

Money: look into benefits, budgeting, paying bills and saving. Find out about paying for care if your child will receive adult social care.

Getting around: ask us about travel training, find out about free bus travel with a disabled person's bus pass and think about how they'll pay for transport.

Housing: will your child stay at home, share with friends, or want a place of their own? Find out about supported housing and personal care workers and assistants.

Health: how will you encourage your child to stay healthy and make healthy choices? What about their emotional wellbeing?

Activities: find out about the local activities and support we offer.

Relationships: friendships, social life, personal safety, sexual health and sexuality - all these are key issues for you and your child and you'll need to discuss them.

Easy read information for young people

Easy read booklet on becoming an adult (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Easy read guide for children and young people - changes to special educational needs and disability support (PDF, 4.85MB)