Moving from early years to primary to secondary school

It can be exciting and worrying when your child moves from primary to secondary school.

Children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) often find change difficult. As part of transition, schools and families must work together to create a plan for your child.

Annual reviews

In year 5, a phase transfer meeting will take place at school. It is also known as an annual review. The school will discuss your child's education, health, and care plan (EHC). They will also talk about possible placements for year 7.

If you want your child to attend a certain school, you must let them know at the annual review. We will reach out to the school you have chosen and others to find out if they can help your child.

Find out more about the phase transfer review meeting and process.

How your child's school can help

  • Check how to share information about your child's needs with the teacher.
  • Ask the school if your child can take part in any transition activities.
  • Create a brief document about your child to share with the staff at the new school. Why not include:
    • personal interests and strengths
    • accomplishments
    • anxiety and stress triggers and how it affects their behaviour
    • calming and soothing strategies
    • how they like to be helped - what works and how can they replicate it?
    • communication - verbally and non-verbally, for example visible signs of stress.

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Advice for parents

The move from primary to secondary school can feel like a huge step, for you as well as your child. To help you, we hope these helpful tips will make the transition as seamless as possible.

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