Preparation for adulthood core standards

The preparation for adulthood (PfA) core standards were created to provide guidance for education providers in both mainstream and specialist settings. The standards set out the support available for young people and their families to help in the move from childhood to adult life. It acts as a guide for things young people can do for themselves during the transition, and what to expect in terms of advice, guidance and support.

The guide applies to young people with additional needs including (but not exclusive to) special education needs, health needs and/or disabilities.

Working together

As part of our commitment to work together with you and our partners we hosted 2 large multi-agency preparation for adulthood (PfA) workshops in February 2020. The workshops allowed us to work collaboratively with representatives from:

  • schools and colleges
  • training providers
  • SENCOs
  • careers advisors
  • health services
  • housing services
  • supported employment
  • commissioners
  • social workers
  • SEND caseworkers
  • the community and voluntary sector
  • families and young people.

From the workshops a report was created summarising our preparing for adulthood priorities, alongside a new multi-agency PfA steering group. The steering group was set up to help and develop a whole system action plan to improve the support for young people as they prepare for adulthood.