Healthcare plans

Individual healthcare plans keep children and young people with medical conditions safe and well so they can play a full and active part in school life, stay healthy and fulfil their potential.

The plan sets out your child or young person’s medical needs and how they should be handled. This can help to make things easier for everyone involved in your child's care and education so they can participate in school life.

Individual healthcare plans are written with you, your child or young person and all the people who might need to contribute to their care while at school. Other people from outside the school might also be involved, depending on the level of your child's needs, such as the GP or school health service.

Individual healthcare plans are not the same as education, health and care (EHC) plans which set out the support needed by children with SEND, although some children may have both types of plan.

You can also read the supporting pupils at school with medical conditions document.