Explore your options for SEN support

Answer a few questions and we'll suggest useful sources of support.

Does your child have a place at nursery, school or college?

We support children and young people up to the age of 25.

Do they have needs that impact their learning?

For example, you feel that your child is ‘falling behind’ at school.

Have you spoken to the school about your concerns?

Every nursery, school and college has an obligation to provide support to pupils with special educational needs.

Are you able to work together with the school to support your child?

Is the nursery, school or college responding to your concerns, and discussing what can be done to help your child progress?

Is the support put in place by the school helping?

The nursery, school or college should be able to update you on any progress being made.

Have you spoken to your doctor or another health professional about your concerns?

For example, your GP, health visitor or school nurse.

Could a situation outside of school be affecting their learning?

For example, if your family is going through a particularly stressful time.