Travel Passport

A Travel Passport helps children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) travel more comfortably to and from school.

Benefits of a Travel Passport

The Travel Passport is a personalised document you fill out about your child. It's a great way to start a conversation with your child’s driver, to help them understand your child's needs and preferences and how to respond.

While it’s not compulsory to have a Travel Passport, completing it and discussing the document with your transport provider helps everyone to support and understand your child.

How to use your Travel Passport

  1. Download and print our Travel Passport (PDF, 351.3 KB). Fill it out with your child's:
    • name and nickname
    • communication preference (such as Makaton, communication aids and symbols)
    • disability
    • health and medication needs
    • triggers (such as noises, smells and lights)
    • transport support (the use of car seats, a harness or ramps).
  2. Share the Travel Passport with your child's driver to start the conversation about your child's needs.
  3. Keep the Travel Passport in your child's bag. As your child’s needs change, you can print off and complete a new passport at any time.