School transport appeals

If you are unhappy with the decision to turn down your application you can submit an officer review request. You can find details about how to do this in your refusal letter or you can email for further information. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, it will not be possible to discuss your refusal over the phone or provide you with a definitive timescale.

We operate a two stage appeal process, if you are still unhappy following the officer review you have the right to make an appeal.

Submit an appeal

Appeal online

It is important that you submit any evidence that supports your appeal (for example letters from your school, GP or social worker or financial evidence such as benefit receipts). You can appeal for any reason or combination of reasons, but you should carefully consider if you have sufficient additional evidence to support your case.

We'll email you to you to let you know we've received your appeal and to offer you a date for the appeal to be heard by the panel.

The appeal hearing

You can attend the hearing to put your case to the panel, or have your case considered on your written submission only. You will be given an opportunity to select which option best suits your need. You are also entitled to ask your county councillor to come with you or speak on your behalf. If you request representation from your county councillor, it is down to you to contact them and check their availability. You will need to let us know so that we can send them details of the case.

The hearing panel consists of between 3 and 5 elected Members. The panel will consider whether our policy on free home to school transport has been applied properly and, if so, whether the strength of your case outweighs the most cost effective and appropriate mode of transport. The panel cannot change the policy itself or the designation of the nearest appropriate school for the area.

You will be offered the following options for your appeal hearing:

  • A face to face meeting
  • A virtual meeting via Microsoft Teams (a secure system that is similar to Zoom)
  • A paper-based process, where you submit information for the panel to take into account when considering your appeal.

Face to face and virtual hearings are structured as follows:

  1. The Education Officer introduces the appeal, explaining why we have not yet been able to provide home to school transport.
  2. The opportunity is given for you and the appeal panel to ask the Education Officer questions.
  3. You present your case (including representation by your local county councillor if you are being represented).
  4. The opportunity is given for the Education Officer and appeal panel members to ask you questions.

The appeal outcome

The decision will be emailed to you within 5 working days of the appeal hearing.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you cannot make another appeal for the same child and the same school unless you can prove that your circumstances have changed significantly.

Read full guidance on the Home to School Transport Policy and appeals process (PDF, 500.2 KB)

If you need any help or have any questions, you can call 03000 41 42 22 or email