Home education case study - Child J

Child J

J has been registered as a home educated young person since November 2006, his parents felt that their children's behaviour had deteriorated since starting school and decided to home educate both of their children at home.

J works in the conservatory which has been set up as a school room. The children have use of the computer with internet connection and Skype. An academic planner is displayed on the wall with submission dates for assignments. A range of additional teaching resources are available to support learning.

The family have purchased Key Stage 3 course materials from Wolsey Hall; the course has been condensed into 2 years of study and includes access to online tutors. Assignments are set by tutors and work is marked and graded. J is currently studying English, maths, geography, history and science through Wolsey Hall. Art, craft, citizenship and PE are also provided by the family. Cookery tends to take place at the weekend. Mum reports that the children have developed a good sense of right and wrong and have strong morals. Their grandfather teaches practical skills such as wiring a plug and basic carpentry. J is also studying Spanish.

Tutor reports from Wolsey Hall are provided by the family and show that J is making good progress. Tutor feedback from Wolsey Hall is positive and encouraging.

J is also currently studying


The family have invested in Raspberry Pi which will allow J to begin basic programming using software including Scratch and Python. J has a laptop and is competent in using most Microsoft Office programmes.

Art and Textiles

J's older sister has started working with him in these areas – she is an A level student, who after university is hoping to teach key stage 3 and 4. The family agree the lesson "plans" and she takes the lead. This has included still life work, felting, sewing, basics of colour and design and perspective.


J has restarted his Saxophone.


  • Participated in eight scouting camps, incorporating sailing, shooting, fencing, cooking, tent pitching, various sports, distance hikes, training for expedition events and young leader experience.
  • Competed in district competitions as individuals or in teams including cross country, ADC Scouts Incident Hike, First Aid and Pioneering, Thanet Monopoly Run
  • National Competition: London Monopoly Run
  • Spoken to scouts and guides from around the world during JOTI using skype, instant messenger and email
  • Achieved Instructors badge for fencing skills, gold and platinum award for volunteering and Chief Scout Gold Award
  • J has achieved a number of activity and staged badges over the last 12 months.


J is a keen cook and are able to cook a meal independently in a variety of situations, from being in a kitchen at home, to on gas rings on camp and over an open fire. He has a sound knowledge of food hygiene and kitchen safety.


J has undertaken a variety of voluntary events, fundraising or supporting local groups. J has started balloon modelling. Both children have learned various circus skills this year. J being very good with Diablo and Devil sticks.


J has a wide social group, mixing with other local home educated children, and others. He is confident in any situation, for example he was offered the opportunity to compete in a scouting event with teams from Chelmsford – and jumped at the chance without a worry.

Future Plans

Key stage 3

J will have finished key stage 3 by Christmas 2015, with the exception of history.


  • We are currently planning to undertake 3 IGCSE's over a year starting in January 2016, completing the key stage 3 History in 2016.
  • In September 2016, J will begin a part time vocational course at East Kent College with the option to going to full time in due course.
  • In November 2015 they will begin taster sessions at the college to make the transition to college smoother.
  • Whilst doing the vocational courses they will continue with the IGCSEs per year at home. We feel that this will provide the best balance and is the option that they have chosen.


J will move up to Explorer scouts in September this year and will begin Young Leader training and work towards the Platinum Scout Award. As an Explorer scout he will be able to work towards water sports permits, climbing and other adventurous activities if he wishes to.


  • J wishes to continue fencing and is hoping to take the next grading soon. From now on grades will be assessed at a county event, rather than locally.
  • Sailing, after trying sailing last summer J expressed interest in learning to sail, so we have joined Margate Yacht club, with lessons beginning when the season begins.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking, we are booking some sessions with Canoe Wild at Canterbury later this year, ideally to increase J's confidence on the water alongside the sailing. The hope is that they can then utilise the skills towards their Duke of Edinburgh and Chief Scout Awards.