Internal audit and counter fraud services

Our aim is to help improve your services and create value for your organisation by using our trusted audit methodology. We can give assurance that your systems and processes are effective and that controls in place are adequate.

All services will be managed by professionally qualified and experienced staff and subject to appropriate supervision and quality review.

Our services conform to the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards (PSIAS) 2017. The Institute of Internal Auditors said “The team is well respected and seen to be professional, challenging, competent and effective. Their plans cover the right issues in the right depth…they (the team) are highly self-critical of their own performance and there are very good prospects for further improvements.”

Our clients include district, parish and town councils. Read what our clients have said about us.

Our main services

We can provide bespoke unannounced audits in areas such as:

  • governance arrangements, including ethics, anti-fraud and corruption, health and safety
  • risk management arrangements and risk registers
  • bank account controls
  • payroll and human resources
  • financial procedures and regulations
  • procurement - invoice payments, purchasing cards and petty cash
  • capital expenditure
  • sundry income
  • gift and hospitality policy and register
  • income asset control
  • information and communications technology
  • fixed assets
  • safeguarding.

Additional work agreed can also include bespoke reviews of specific systems or control environments. For schools, we can review the Education Funding Agency returns such as the Financial Management and Governance Self-Assessment (FMGS). We also provide:

  • advice
  • audit committee training
  • grant claims certification
  • external quality assessment services.

We offer a range of risk management support and consultancy services, tailored to your specific requirements. We can typically provide the following services:

  • facilitated risk identification workshops and control risk assessments
  • risk register development
  • risk and control self assessments
  • policy development
  • a range of risk management training courses.

We are able to supply qualified and experienced staff with a wide range of risk management expertise. We have a track record of providing risk management services and advice to our customers and partners.

We understand the difficulty that organisations face when fraud is suspected, and in particular when an employee might be involved. We can assist any organisation in preventing, detecting and investigating all types of fraud. Our counter fraud specialists are all professionally qualified and have a wealth of experience.

We are able to provide proactive support and consultancy services aimed at reducing the harmful impact of fraud and similar crimes, this includes:

  • drafting and/or reviewing ethics related policies such as anti-fraud, whistleblowing, code of conduct, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, disciplinary and similar policies
  • pro-active prevention and detection of fraud and similar crimes
  • advice on whistleblowing procedures and policy
  • fraud awareness training
  • use of data analytics to increase fraud and error detection rates
  • identifying and managing fraud risk.

A whistleblower is a person who discloses information concerning malpractice at their place of employment. This will include any illegal, immoral, irregular, dangerous or unethical activity under their employer’s control, we can:

  • investigate allegations and issues raised by whistleblowers
  • review and refresh current whistleblowing policies and procedures in place
  • give assurance that processes comply with legislation and are effectively communicated
  • provide promotional material and awareness training
  • provide an independent single point of contact for staff to discuss and raise concerns.

It is a requirement to have regular independent quality assessments to ensure internal audit departments comply with the International Professional Proactive Framework (International Standards) and the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards.

For your internal audit function to meet these requirements we can provide the following services:

  • readiness assessment
  • external quality assessment
  • validated self-assessment
  • follow-up review.