Transforming Integrated Care in the Community (TICC)

Value of EU Grant - €4.8 million

Name of funding programmeEU Interreg 2 Seas Programme 2014-2020

Transforming Integrated Care in the Community (TICC) has secured more than €4.8 million of European funding in this €8 million cross-border partnership involving 14 organisations from the UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The project was approved and funded by the EU Interreg 2 Seas Programme 2014-2020 (co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund) which has supported the project over 4 years.

  • Buurtzorg Concepts (Netherlands)
  • Kent County Council (United Kingdom)
  • Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (United Kingdom)
  • Medway Community Healthcare (United Kingdom)
  • Soignons Humain (France)
  • Public World (United Kingdom)
  • Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen (Belgium)
  • Emmaus Elderly Care (Belgium)
  • Eurasante (France)
  • VIVAT homecare (France)
  • Lille Catholic Hospital (France)
  • HZ University (Netherlands)
  • La Vie Active (France).

There are also many observer partners:

  • Université d’Artois
  • East of England Local Government Association
  • Provincie Antwerpen
  • Wit-Gele Kruis van Antwerpen
  • Familiehulp
  • Landelijke Thuiszorg Zuiderkempe
  • Christelijke Mutualiteit
  • Heist-op-den-Berg
  • OCMW Heist-op-den-Berg
  • Vlaams minister van Wetzijn, Volksgezondheid en Gezin
  • Sociaal Huis Mechelen
  • Zorgnet-Icuro
  • NHS (England)
  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Centre communal d’action sociale de Lomme
  • Conseil départemental du Nord.

The Transforming Integrated Care in the Community fund aims to:

  • create changes in health and social care, providing services better suited to our ageing population and decrease of public funding
  • present a method to overcome blocking points in transferring socially innovative service models from one area to another
  • introduce the implementation of the Burrtzorg integrated care at home model, which consists of self-managing teams of 12 staff working at neighbourhood level handling every aspect of care and business
  • enable countries in the 2Seas area, to implement successful health and social care innovations quickly in a cost effective, sustainable way.
  • blueprint for successful transfer of social innovative service models in health and social care from one country to another benefitting all public/ private services
  • 3 new countries adopting integrated neighbourhood based self-managing teams providing holistic person-centred care.
  • changes to existing patient-data gathering systems to create better communication between nurses, care-workers and citizens
  • publications to stimulate entrepreneurs  leaders to create new organisations or transform existing organisations, ensuring this is not solely an institutional response.