DWELL EU funding

Value of EU Grant - £1.65 million

Name of funding programme - Interreg 5A 2 Seas Programme

Start and end dates - August 2016 to July 2020

The DWELL initiative involves eight partners from the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

A 12-week patient support programme for patients with Type 2 diabetes and a training package for staff to deliver the programme will be designed by, and implemented in, all four countries represented in the partnership.

The programme will enable 1,000 patients in these countries to access tailored support, empowering them to self-manage their diabetes and improve their wellbeing. This will increase adherence to treatment, improve health and wellbeing measures, and give economic benefits to health services.  All activities will be co-created by users.

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  • The Health and Europe Centre (lead partner)
  • The Blackthorn Trust, Kent (United Kingdom)
  • Artevelde University College, Ghent (Belgium)
  • Kinetic Analysis (Netherlands)
  • Medway Community Healthcare CIC (United Kingdom)
  • Kent County Council (United Kingdom)
  • Canterbury Christ Church University (United Kingdom)
  • Hospital Centre of Douai (France)

Observer partners:

  • Diabetes UK
  • NHS West Kent
  • GGD West-Brabant
  • Stichting Care Innovation Centre West-Brabant
  • Diabetes Liga vzw
  • Avans University of Applied Sciences
  • Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

DWELL is an empowerment programme enabling patients with type 2 diabetes to access tailored support, giving them mechanisms to control their condition and improve their wellbeing. All activities will be co-created by users. This empowerment will increase adherence to treatment and improve health and wellbeing measures, giving economic benefits to health services.  Patients will be healthier for longer, reducing costs to state healthcare.

  • a 12-week patient support programme to empower patients in their life-style changes
  • a cross-border training programme for staff to enable them to deliver the patient support programme effectively
  • a patient-led support network that will provide patient benefit after the project ends
  • an evaluation process to show economic, service and patient benefits.

  • opportunities for people with Type 2 diabetes in Kent to contribute to the design of the patient support programme and a staff training package
  • opportunities for people with Type 2 diabetes in Kent to access the innovative diabetes patient support programme
  • opportunities for healthcare staff in Kent to contribute to the design and delivering of the support programme and training package
  • opportunities for partners in Kent to benefit from shared learning from European partners regarding the design and implementation of patient support programmes in other context.