Selling second hand goods

The Kent County Council Act 2001 regulates the trade of second hand goods in Kent.

Most sellers of second hand goods in Kent need to be registered. To find out whether you need to register see our guide to the Kent County Council Act 2001 (PDF, 165.1 KB).


Registration is free and lasts for 4 years.

Register to sell second hand goods

Your certificate of registration will be sent to you 7 days after we receive your application. You must not sell second hand goods before you receive your certificate.

If your registration has expired, renew your certificate online.

Occasional sales

If you hold occasional sales or are the occupier of the premises where sales are held you will need to register. Occasional sales include events such as one day sales, boot fairs, computer fairs, market and antique fairs. Read our guide to occasional sales (PDF, 163.3 KB) for more information.

To register for an occasional sale: