Births that happen outside of Kent

All our libraries are closed until further notice, however we will continue to hold death registration appointments from library locations.

Birth registrations are currently on hold until further notice.

Check our service updates page for the latest information and guidance.

If your child was born outside of Kent and Bexley, you must register your baby as a birth declaration. You need to register the birth within 42 days.

I want to register a birth but I don't live in Kent or Bexley

If the birth happened in Kent or Bexley but you can't attend an appointment here, then you can give the details to any registrar in England and Wales. The details will be sent to Kent Libraries, Registration and Archives who will register the birth. This is called registration by declaration.

I want to register a birth that occurred outside of Kent or Bexley

A birth can only be registered in the district that it occurred.  If the birth happened outside the district of Kent or Bexley, you can give a birth declaration with a Kent or Bexley office who will send the declaration to the registrar in the district where the birth occurred.  That registration district will then complete the registration and issue the necessary paperwork.  Declarations can only be taken when the event occurred in England and Wales.

If you need any further information about registering a birth call us on 03000 41 51 51.

Birth declarations taken by other registration authorities for births within the Kent registration district or London Borough of Bexley should be sent to:

Deputy Registrar
Kent Registration Service
Ramsgate Library
Guildford Lawn
CT11 9AY

Cheques should be made payable to Kent County Council. Please include the informant’s name and telephone contact number(s) on the rear of the form.

Payment can also be made by card and the informant should be advised to contact our Certificate Centre on 03000 41 93 00 to order their certificates, allowing 5 working days. However, please also include the informant’s contact details on rear of the declaration.

If your baby was born abroad, you must register your child's birth according to the regulations in the country where the child was born.

Visit the GOV.UK website for more information about the process of registering your child.