Dual Diagnosis Protocol

The term ‘dual diagnosis’ covers a broad spectrum of mental health and substance misuse problems that an individual might experience at the same time. The nature of the relationship between these 2 conditions is complex. Possibilities include:

  1. A primary psychiatric illness precipitating or leading to substance misuse
  2. Substance misuse worsening or altering the course of a psychiatric illness
  3. Intoxication of substance dependence leading to psychological symptoms
  4. Substance misuse and/or withdrawal leading to psychiatric symptoms or illness.

This document describes the joint approach that will be taken by staff of these organisations. The protocol explicitly includes people who are actively misusing substances and showing signs of mental illness.

The protocol was completed in collaboration with the following Commissioning Agencies and providers:

  • Kent Drug and Alcohol Action Team (KDAAT)
  • Medway Drug and Alcohol Action Team (MDAAT)
  • NHS Kent and Medway Adult Mental Health Commissioning Team
  • Kent Probation
  • KCA
  • Kenward Trust
  • CRI
  • Turning Point
  • Substance Misuse Care Management Team
  • Alcoholics Anonymous service users and carers