Surface water management plans

Surface water management plans are projects to investigate local flooding issues such as flooding from sewers, drains, groundwater, and runoff from land, small watercourses and ditches that occurs as a result of heavy rainfall.

They aim to identify options to reduce local flooding and include a realistic action plan to implement or deliver the agreed management measures.

Benefits include:

  • increased understanding of local flooding
  • increased understanding of where local flooding will occur
  • an action plan to identify measures to mitigate local flooding
  • increased awareness of the duties and responsibilities for managing flood risk of different partners and stakeholders
  • improved public engagement and understanding of local flooding.

The plans are produced in partnership with internal drainage boards, sewerage companies and the Environment Agency.

Local surface water management plans

We’re currently implementing a programme to review our surface water management plans which will include engaging with flood risk management partners and local communities, we will be updating the action plans as we progress the programme.

To increase understanding of local flood risk we commissioned a number of projects across the county in accordance with guidance from Defra.