Canterbury surface water management plan

The district of Canterbury experienced significant sea flooding along the northern coast in 1953 and 1978 which led to substantial improvement in sea defences. Main river flooding occurred in 1987, 2000 and 2001 from the Great Stour. In more recent years a number of incidents of surface water flooding associated with small watercourses, groundwater and sewerage/private drainage systems have been reported.


The study identified a number of generic and site-specific options to manage the risk of surface water flooding. The options included the continuation of targeted maintenance schedules, raising community awareness of surface water flooding and the use of sustainable drainage systems in new and re-developments.

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Canterbury Stage 1 surface water management plan (SWMP) (PDF, 707.1 KB)

Appendix A - Preliminary Risk Assessment Maps

Appendix B - Source - Pathway - Receptor Maps