Folkestone and Hythe surface water management plan

Due to a history of flooding from local sources, Folkestone and Hythe was identified as an area where a surface water management plan would be beneficial in improving our understanding of local flood risk issues.


The study identified a number of generic and location-specific actions to manage the risk of local flooding. The actions ranged from the implementation of maintenance regimes to improving property protection.

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Folkestone and Hythe Stage 1 surface water management plan (SWMP) - report (PDF, 1.0 MB)

Appendix A – data review (PDF, 32.3 KB)

Appendix B – detailed summary sheets and mapping:

Appendix C – flood history table (PDF, 129.6 KB)

Appendix D – sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) (PDF, 27.2 KB)

Further work

Following the Folkestone and Hythe Stage 1 SWMP, we have worked with partners to take forward some of the actions identified in the areas of Cheriton, Morehall and Foord.

Read details about this Stage 2 SWMP (PDF, 311.7 KB).